On-air and online

Our DJs can both show and tell the benefits of your business with on-air endorsement spots and digital content about your business. Combining on-air and digital elements helps you reach a massive audience who will be eager to hear or read what their favorite DJ is experiencing.

Benefits of influencer marketing

  • Combat ad blocking
  • Leverage creative content authentically
  • Drive engagement
  • Reach all audiences including Millennials and Gen Z

The original social influencers

  • 70% of radio listeners say they consider radio personalities to be regular people like themselves, who are "relatable" and "authentic"
  • 60% of radio listeners consider radio djs "like a friend"
  • more than 60% say they are likely to talk about what they've heard
  • Over 50% of radio listeners say they trust brands, products and services that a personality talks about

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